Check Out Arthur Falcone the Italian Musician!

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Arthur Falcone, born in Trieste from a family of musicians, began playing the guitar at the age of 17 years on his own. After a couple of years he decided to form a band with them called “Metallic Alloys”, with whom he recorded her first demo. With his second group, “Devil’s Claws” Arthur began to approach other professional demo recording and presenting also the “Music For The Nation” in London. It is then called by the Italian group “Halloween” with whom he recorded “Fashion Love” and participated in the compilation “Metal Maniac”. Falcone went on to form the “Foxy Lady” with whom he recorded a few demos and the compilation “Night Pieces No. 4″ with Drachma Records.

In 1998 he signed his first solo record contract with the label Elevate Records (“Virtuoso”) and ranks 25th in the ranking of the Japanese magazine Burrn. Subsequently, it sounds like you open the concert with artists such as Deep Purple, John Lawton, Vinnie Moore, Kiko Loureiro, Ian Paice, and Andrea Braido. In March 2009 he released the album “The genesis of the prophecy” for the Heart of Steel Records featuring Göran Edman, Mistheria, Manuel Staropoli, Titta Tani. In July 2011, the association “Trieste Is Rock” is organizing a concert in Trieste with the band LA Guns with Arthur Falcone’s Stargazer as opening band.

I would recommend listening to the Epic solo to get you in sync with this Artist’s . I have always been a fan of guitars, just can’t play useless its on playstation ;).

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